Payment Policy

The following payment policies apply to all purchases made through Relaf website.

Current referral program will not be applicable when client participate 100 Days Trial.

Payment can be made using VISA and/or MASTERCARD credit cards. Other payment methods such as cheque, cash and ATM cards are not accepted.

The billing information submitted must be the same as your credit card statement.

Deposit is not refundable once paid.

Please note that your payment is processed by iPay88 Sdn. Bhd. Please review the policy of iPay88 Sdn. Bhd. before completing the payment.

We may request you to send us a copy of your credit card (front and back) and your credit card statement (only the credit card number and the billing address of the issuer bank’s logo) for verification to prevent any fraudulent order.

We reserve the right to cancel your order and/or suspend delivery of your goods should the information submitted by you is not in order or the above documentations upon requested.

After the order is confirmed, all payments made are not refundable unless the delivered product has any malfunction. As such, we reserve the right to inspect and determine the final result under any circumstances.

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